Mick Vashisht

Mick Vashisht, a licensed estate agent, hails from many years of experience in real estate and corporate sales, to impart the wealth and wisdom of a collective fourteen years’ in the sales industry. Mick has been a proud resident of Melbourne for fifteen years and shares his enthusiasm for residing in one of the world most ‘liveable’ city by helping his clients find the perfect home customised to their personal needs. 

Prior to working in property and alongside the Shelter collective, Mick came from revered Marketing companies and lead training & growth seminars across a large team, which developed his outstanding competencies in sales procedures, preparedness and compliance.

Determined to deliver excellence, Mick is well versed in interpersonal, investigative & negotiation skills, along with an intuitive aptitude for problem solving and an unwavering assurance he is accountable to his commitments. These key capabilities are strongly matched by Mick’s optimism & passionate dedication to help each client enjoy the buying and selling process, with the ultimate desire to exceed their real estate expectations.

Mick currently resides in with his wife, Nidhi in Camberwell. In his down time, he enjoys good food and travel adventures, playing cricket and tennis, most importantly spending time with family or friends.

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