Meagan Cottis

Senior Property Manager

With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Meagan brings a wealth of knowledge to Shelter’s expanding Property Management department. Meagan’s extensive experience coupled with her commitment to client success and dedication to industry best practices, make her a standout property manager.

With a solid foundation in hospitality, Meagan seamlessly transitioned into the real estate sector, where she has flourished for over a decade. Her passion lies in helping clients build their property portfolios, offering a personalized touch to each interaction and ensuring her clients are well-informed and confident in their property management decisions.

Meagan’s exceptional communication skills are the cornerstone of her success. Meagan excels in maintaining open lines of communication with landlords, tenants, contractors and team members, fostering positive relationships and ensuring smooth transactions.

Known for her meticulous attention to detail, Meagan leaves no stone unturned; from thorough property inspections to precise documentation, she ensures that every aspect of property management is executed with precision. Her diligence in keeping on top of the ever-evolving legal and regulatory landscape of property management ensures that all properties under her management adhere to the highest industry standards. Meagan’s dedication extends beyond her own success; she also finds fulfillment in sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.

Outside of real estate, Meagan’s love for family camping reflects her appreciation for nature and quality family time. Meagan is actively involved in her children’s sports and dance activities, finding joy in supporting their passions. Her family and friends play a significant role in her life, contributing to her positive and balanced outlook.

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