The Story Behind Shelter

At Shelter we believe in the collective consciousness to do good, create positive change and help others to succeed.

In developing countries like Cambodia, organisations such as Global Village Housing strive to improve people’s wellbeing through their living circumstances, allowing them to rise out of poverty, raise their family safely and live life to their fullest potential.

Shelter seeks to empower this mission, maximising the Global Village Housing program by donating much needed funds to pay for essential resources and labour to build homes for the homeless in Cambodia. For every home sold by Shelter we commit to providing housing for one person, we do this by donating a significant portion of our commissions from each of our real estate sales (at no extra cost to our clients).

The ripple effect that building a house for someone creates is significant. Once you provide a house for a family then they can think about other things that are important, such as getting a job and educating their children. If youre worried every day about where youre going to be sleeping, then that takes away from you being able to think about and set up a meaningful life.”

Zali Reynolds – Founder Shelter Real Estate

In Cambodia, home displacement often occurs from unstable conditions, natural disasters and ‘land grabbing’ which is a result of the Government selling inhabited land to foreign developers, this is why the ability to relocate a family’s home is important for their long-term security.

Due to cultural traditions and environmental challenges from the landscape, weather and pollution, you’ll see in the pictures the houses are built on stilts of galvanised steel and Colourbond cladding, that can withstand Cambodia’s harsh climate.

So how does this work?

Global Village Housing consults with Village Chiefs and interviews families who are most at risk whilst living in poverty

Once a family is chosen, the local Cambodian trades people will prepare the materials in the factory, and purchase the internal wall cladding from a local community that grow and weave natural sustainable fibres themselves. Then they’ll make the journey of up to 9 hours, to the chosen destination.

Shelter is sent the details of the family chosen and the expected date of construction

On moving day, the new home-owners are provided with solar lighting, phone chargers, rainwater collection systems and rice hull insulation to provide comfort and security.

They now have shelter, a safe place to create dreams and make memories and most importantly,
a place to call home.

Results so far

Since our first sale in late 2019 and enduring through months of lockdown, it hasn’t stopped us from making a significant and life changing difference for the families that we have helped.

Houses Built & Donated
Individuals Helped & Housed

Closer To Home

In addition we are also very active in our local community, providing assistance to a range of schools, sporting teams and community groups.

You can make a positive difference as well.  Find out how at
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