Mal James

Conjunctional Agent

Mal is a discerning force in the real estate realm. Fondly referred to as the “man in the hat”, Mal brings over two decades of unparalleled industry expertise as a licensed estate agent. Originating from Bayside Melbourne, he has solidified his status as a distinguished figure, effortlessly connecting with diligent buyers, determined sellers, and forging strong relationships with leading Inner-City agents.

With a sharp eye for property intricacies, Mal is not just an advocate but a connoisseur, collaborator, and connector in the real estate landscape. His journey, which commenced over 20 years ago, has seen him navigate the intricate buy-sell arena, specialising in family homes at the top end of the market. Having bought and sold over 1000 properties, Mal’s success is a testament to his deep understanding of Melbourne’s vast and fast changing real estate landscape.

Mal’s influence extends beyond transactions, with a podcast serving as a platform to share industry insights, bridging the divide between knowledge from elite agents and audience needs. In addition to his professional achievements, Mal finds joy in the simple pleasures – family, travel, coffee, dinners, good times, and importantly his active contributions to a cause dear to his heart, Child Surgeries Africa.

In the dynamic real estate market, Mal stands as a beacon of wisdom, providing clients with a comprehensive approach to their property endeavours. His multifaceted experience, coupled with a passion for doing good for others, makes Mal James an indispensable ally for those seeking a seamless and enriching real estate experience.

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